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Are you Looking for a reliable Window and Chimney Cleaning Service in Nelson and Tasman region of New Zealand?

Our pricing for window cleaning chimney seeping and gutter cleaning

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Chimney Sweeping

Home getting Too Cold? Get prices on our professional chimney sweep service
1 Storey | Chimney & wood burner cleaning

2 Storey | Chimney & wood burner cleaning

* Being a small business we dont charge GST, passing savings onto you.

We generally clean from the bottom up. There may be an additional charge for scaling difficult to access chimneys on roof tops.

Window Cleaning New Zealand

Window Cleaning Services

Let light and cleanliness into your home! Here's our window cleaning prices

$4 Per Glass Pane or Piece - See FAQ on how to count a window pane.


$6 Per Glass Pane or Piece
We use towels to catch drips and wipe sills with both of the above services.
Gutter Cleaning Motueka

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause internal Water Leaks? OUR prices are affordable
FROM $80*

*Most gutter cleaning jobs total cost may vary depending on access, length of gutters and difficullty of access.
Window Cleaning and Chimney Sweeping FAQ
How do I count my window panes or glass pieces?
We recommend that you take a pen and paper and walk the outside of your home to count up the window panes or pieces. Once counted times the number by $5 per piece for standard clean and $6 per peice for the deep clean which includes vacuum detail of tracks.
Counting window panes for pricing window cleaning
Can I change or cancel my service?
Yes you can, we understand that life does not always work out the way we planned! We do appreciate if you can give us enough warning prior to the event so we can book in other work.
Does URBAN do Chimney Repairs?
We can replace door seals and fire bricks. However we recommend a licenced installer for structural repairs. We will notify you if you chimney is in need of repair.